2M sensors is current active in the following application areas. In future we will also work on sensors for other applications.


Our earth is fragile and measures are taken more and more to prevent further pollution. 2M Sensors helps to protect the environment for future generations by providing innovative sensor solutions that monitor and support protection of our environment. We need a clean environment, free of pollutants in the air, water, and land. 


Water is a critical component that is getting more scarce everyday. Besides the quantity also the quality of water and especially drinking water is extremely important for all living creatures on this planet. 2M Sensors works on solutions to monitor drink water quality in real time that can be used during production and distribution of water to quickly spot abnormalities.

Air / Gas

2M Sensors develops innovative and affordable solutions to measure different gas substances present in air.   


Innovative sensor solutions to measure all kind of foot parameters. See footsense 3D for more information.