footsense 3D

The footsense insole is a highly advanced multisensor platform measuring real-time pressure, shear and force in 3 directions. Multiple locations under the foot are sensed at the same time providing a perfect view across the whole foot when walking. The footsense is only a few millimeters thick and can therefore be fitted in almost any shoe. Subjects can be followed during normal daily life while wearing using their own shoes, which provides the most natural and realistic information making this a truly unique proposition. Information is wirelessly sent to a storage device for later analysis by a medical/foot expert. This provides movement information in the vertical, anterior and medial planes and most likely during roll, pitch and yaw rotations. This tool will help experts to get a perfect view on a variaty of foot related problems, including gait analysis and skin ulceration of diabetic patients.

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2M Sensors participates in the Ijkdijk piping experiment. Special sensors were developped to measure the amount of water (water saturation) in a dikes as this is an important measure for the strength of a dike. 

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Drink water

Goal of the drink water project is to develop sensors to monitor the drinkwater quality. This sensor technology allows the measurement of drinkwater quality in realtime and online in various locations in the drinkwater production and distribution process. More information will follow shortly.